Rhymes with Sterry
Keep on Running PDF Print E-mail

This dreaded alarm is not my friend

It's five AM, it's time to wend….

….my way once more. And so I lend….

….my body and my soul


10,000 metres every morn

Tis my event, no time to yawn

Down to the track, foregone, forlorn

Three years until the games



Keep on Running


6.2 miles - 25 laps

Can I win gold ? well, yes, perhaps

No problems yet - no real mishaps

I'm focused all the way


The world record I'd love to beat….

….is 27 minutes - wouldn't that be neat

Whatever happens, I won't cheat

No way man, I'm no doper

Treasures PDF Print E-mail

This Harry's car was big and posh

Quite obvious he had some dosh

His house was large with many rooms

And many walls, so one assumes

Upon these walls stood many frames

With famous things by famous names


For many years our Harry went

Around the world. His money spent….

….on masterpieces - works of art

Such paintings that would look the part

Hanging round his lovely place

Nicely filling every space


He thought them investments, assets

He had allsorts like Bertie Bassett

Manets Michaelangelos

Rembrants Van Goghs Picassos

Beautifying his mansion home

Shame that Harry lived alone

Questions PDF Print E-mail

Strolling by the Red Sea, I arrived just in time

Something kicked off

No reason or rhyme

A preponderance of people

Were stood by the edge

All getting ready

To jump off the ledge


Curiosity grilled the fat, so I pushed to the front

I found this strange bloke

I said 'can I be blunt

May I ask you a question

Promise to be quick

Please, where are you pointing

That, 'poxy old stick ?'


He turned and he gasped and his eyes opened wide

And he gave me this look

And then he replied

'My name is Moses

Remember the basket

If we don't move soon

I'll be in a casket


There are chariots and horses coming over the hill

With strange nasty men

Carrying spears that will kill

So I quietly asked God

For a quick rescue plan'

Then he said 'Moses

Be patient my man

Disciple Eleven PDF Print E-mail

August the eighth is a-coming soon

I know that you can't wait

The whistle gets piped by referee

And the devoted ones elate


From Damascus down to Beersheba

From Nazareth to Jericho

The Premiership of Palestine

Is football's greatest show


Many players have been signed

New contracts been agreed

Agents getting ten per cent

Such greed by them indeed !

What If... PDF Print E-mail

Poor Pilate's face was desperate, pale
Jesus his problem, grew fragile and frail
The crowd were baying for their Holy Grail
Holy King was in big trouble

'Let us have him, get it over,' they say
'Crucify him !'  So, Pilate gave way,
This reluctant governor had had a bad day,
He passed the prisoner over

The clock was ticking, Jesus burdened along
The day was heavy, revengeful and wrong
The crowd kept Jesus company in song
'Crucify, crucify, crucify'

Hoisted upon that wood so high
In between two robbers in the sky
The soldiers laughed and mocked, 'so why…..
…can't you save yourself ? '

The crown of thorns, gave pain and blood
The nails went in, with damming thud
Whilst on the ground in dirt and mud
The insults filled the air

Only the wretched ones were gifted….
….the privilege of being shifted….
….way up there, suspended, lifted
On a cross of shame

As Jesus then flowed in and out ….
….of consciousness, he thought about…
….what he had done to hear the shout….
…. of the ones he came to save

At that moment, he thought out loud
And drew a silence from the crowd
'Listen here, I'm way too proud
To be hung out to dry'

Then He burst free from captive cross
Said, 'I've had enough of all this dross
I'm alright, twill be your loss
I'm off - not coming back'

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